Modifica requisito età per l'European Youth Go Championship

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Modifica requisito età per l'European Youth Go Championship

Messaggio da Stefano Tarquini » 26/03/2015, 8:59

Riportiamo la comunicazione relativa alla modifica dell'eligibilità per l'European Youth Go Championship.
Dear all,
due to a policy of Ing Foundation, which adopted floating data of birth required in order to be eligible to participate in WYGC, EGF-board decided to change required data of birth for EYGC as well.
We consider EYGC as a serious event which requires a stable condition to be taken seriously. It is impossible for us to accept changing every year participans' required data of birth. We do not want to restrict EYGC just to being a qualification tournament for WYGC. It is, first of all, our European Youth Championship. Its purpose is, first of all, to select best European players. We will do our best not to restrict it just to a qualification for WYGC. We already managed to find more rewards for U12 and U20 categories respectively and we will do our best for U16 as well. Nevertheless, WYGC is still a very important event for top young players and we need to secure fair conditions for a selection proces for WYGC as much as possible.
Therefore, since 2016, a decisive data of birth for a participation in EYGC will always be 1st of September. It means, that for determining if a player falls in a certain age category, he/she must be born on or after 1st September of the corresponding year of birth for under-12 and under-16 categories. E.g cannot be 12 or 16 years old respectively before 1st of September.

We clarified also a small misunderstanding in a translation and adjusted a condition for U20 category as well. An age condition for U20 category will be that a participant must be born on or after 1st January of the corresponding year, e.g. cannot be 20 years old before 1st of January.

Thank you for your understanding and best regards
Jana Hricova
EGF Vice-President
Stek Turku