Lettera del segretario EGF per il primo EYGTC disputato

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Lettera del segretario EGF per il primo EYGTC disputato

Messaggio da Stefano Tarquini » 10/02/2015, 0:52

Riportiamo come di consueto la lettera di Lorenz Trippel di congedo dal primo EYGTC e di augurio per il prossimo campionato. Appuntamento a Zandfoort (EYGC2 2015) per la consegna dei premi.
Dear all,

the first place goes to Russia, second Germany and third place to Romania. It was an exciting tournament, all teams showed up for every round and we had only very few forfeited matches — Thank you all for participating in this competition! The third place was actually not so clear and only decided with the sum of opponent scores which is often more lottery than a real criterion to decide a difference but better it happened for the third place than for the first ;) ! You can find all the results online http://www.eurogofed.org/eygtc/

We will produce some medals for the first 3 places and some other prizes for all teams. It's not decided yet if there will be some backpacks, bags, t-shirts or caps, we also will look into some nice diplomas as prizes so hopefully every participant will get something to remember this event. The prize giving will happen in Zandfoort at the european youth championship, i checked a bit the participants list and happily found that from every country of our online competition there will be a participant also on place so we hope to be able to give the prizes to a person and not have to send it by postal packages.

Thanks also to all organizers: Semi, Marieke, Marc and Alan, i think we had a real good team and i hope you will join to help in next year's event again.

For next year we hope to have even more countries participating, i remember having discussed the possibility to let more than one team participate from the bigger countries and probably we will enter the results of these matches to the EGD database which makes the tournament a bit more attractive i guess. We can for sure talk about this in Zandvoort or just let us know by email if you have a good idea how to improve something.

Kind regards,

Stek Turku