Qualificazione al European Grand Slam 2015 (Berlino)

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Qualificazione al European Grand Slam 2015 (Berlino)

Messaggio da Stefano Tarquini » 05/02/2015, 20:32

Riportiamo integralmente la mail di Jean-Yves Papazoglou.
We will announce soon (in the next 2 weeks) the final list of eligible players for the European Pro Qualification at Pisa on March 6th to 8th.
There will be 17 players selected as we wish to invite as well a reserve player in case one of you is missing or has not managed to get his visa on time.

In parallel to the Strasbourg tournament held on March 21st and 22nd, we will run the qualification for the 2015 Grand Slam tournament (Berlin -Easter).
Of course, the 4 European Pros will be directly qualified.

More details are available here below:

On top of the 4 European Pros, 8 players will eligible as follows:

2 spots through qualification just before the Grand Slam
2 spots for highest bonus points
2 spots for highest EGD (maximum value of the last 3 months) + bonus points
2 wild cards (wild cards are decided by EGF and CEGO)

It means that Alexander Dinerstein (30 bonus points) and Mateusz Surma (18 bonus points) are directly qualified for the Grand Slam (if they wish to play it).

Should you want participate to the Grand Slam qualification , please let me know it.
As the minimum rank in the period Dec 2014 - Feb 2015 should be at least 2550, if any other European player is reaching this level, thanks to let him(her) know that he(she) can apply .

Your replies before March 15th would be appreciated to help the organisation by the Go Club of Strasbourg.

If you don't want to try qualifying for Berlin, you can register otherwise to the Strasbourg tournament:

With our best regards.
Stek Turku