Nascita della EGF Accademy

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Nascita della EGF Accademy

Messaggio da Stefano Tarquini » 17/01/2015, 14:11

Riportiamo integralmente la mail pervenuta alla Federazione Italiana Gioco Go da parte del presidente della Federazione Europea di Go (EGF) Martin Stiassny.
Announcement: EGF Academy

After signing a memorandum of understanding with Mr. Ge Yuhong (owner of the Go-school in Beijing where our students are studying) and Mr. Luo Gang (chief manager of CEGO) for a cooperation till December 2016 I am proud to announce the EGF Academy. The start is scheduled for 23rd March 2015.

The EGF Academy will offer online-playing, analyzing and teaching in different groups for more than 30 players.
General manager of this project will be Viktor Lin, the vice-president of the Austrian Go Association. For details look at

This is another very important milestone for European Go !

Announcement: Go Academy for youngsters in Beijing

According to the EGF-CEGO cooperation we will get in 2015 again the chance to nominate up to 6 promising players for studying Go in Beijing from 16th September 2015 till 29th February 2016. Last month (in a meeting in Beijing) both sides agreed that we should try to find younger players for this project. Our friends in Beijing are checking several points, for example under which conditions youngsters from Europe can enter an international school, parallel to studying Go.

So our goal in Europe should be to find players younger than 18, maybe 16 years old, best case 14 years old. It will not be easy to convince parents to send their children to China. But the message of today: Please look on your youngsters. If you have a candidate, Zhao Baolong, the chinese Pro, coming back to Europe in March, will test these promising boys and girls.
The clear statement of our friends from CEGO: We want to support younger players, not only in Europe (see EGF-academy announcement) but also in Beijing.
Stek Turku