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Decisioni EGF Executive Board

Messaggio da Stefano Tarquini » 23/11/2014, 23:40

As requested during our last AGM at Sibiu, please take note that, based on proposal of the "Tournament & Rules " commission, the EGF Executive Board has decided:

1) not to introduce levels below 20kyu as suggested by the French Go Federation

2) to consider the classification (A,B,C) of tournaments with handicap games like other tournaments with even games only. Thanks Aldo to take it into account immediately for the EGD.

3 ) the BGA proposal to take into account internet games for EGF ratings would need more discussions within the commission. It is a complex topic that needs to be carefully studied. Especially, the conditions when internet games can be taken into consideration shall be defined in detail.
Stek Turku